Mark Tiu x Brittany Lauren

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Back in May, I received a very exciting message from one of Saskatoon's most sought after photographers - Mark Tiu! He wanted to collaborate, and it most certainly made my entire week that he even considered me. Little did he know, I was, and still am, the BIGGEST fan of his work. 

We decided to drive out towards a somewhat deserted road on the outskirts of the city and hope for the best. I was extremely nervous, as I have little to no experience with modelling. Mark's feed is flooded with stunning photos of established models, and I was very nervous to be pictured next to them. With that being said, I tried my best to put my nerves aside. These are some of the final products that Mark was able to capture:

That sunset, though.

That sunset, though.

Pretty amazing work, right?

Mark made me feel extremely comfortable, was clear with direction, and was very friendly. His talent is evident in his work, but he is a genuinely kind person whose passion for creating is contagious.

He is currently nearing the end of a 90 day portrait project. If you have time, I highly suggest you take the time to check out his instagram (@markjosephtiu) and take a look at his project. It features the faces of many people along with a description of how Mark met each person. This project is a ton of work, as he takes time out of each day to craft a perfect portrait for each person, all free of charge. If that doesn't speak tons about his character, then I don't know what will! 

I was lucky enough to be featured on day 15!


He has a Facebook page as well as Instagram, and I will leave both links below so you can go leave some love for a well-deserving person!

Insta: @MarkJosephTiu



Brittany x