Casual Favourites | FRANKIE & FINNIGAN

by Brittany Lauren

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with the absolutely adorable local clothing brand, Frankie & Finnigan. This Saskatchewan-born label features pieces that will fit perfectly into anyone's wardrobe, as they are all made from incredibly soft, wearable fabrics. The line consists entirely of neutral colours, and each piece features a fun quote on it. Whether it's "eyebrows speak louder than words", or "all black everything", I'm sold. 

As if her clothing items weren't cute enough, I recently found out from her website that the name "Frankie & Finnigan" actually comes from the names of her two California rescue pups; ok, now I'm REALLY sold.

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I had an absolute blast shooting these photos around the city. We were able to sneak into some great locations, while wearing some pretty dang cute clothing pieces. 

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All photos: Appl Photo // // @applphoto



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Brittany x