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Oh the words I could write about Fall fashion...

Between the sweaters, the layering, and the turtlenecks, I just can't get enough. There is something about the Summer fading into Winter that I have always liked. I am definitely one of those girls who takes enough photos of the changing leaves to supply National Geographic with photos for the next five years, but hey, no shame here. Beautiful things deserve to be photographed!

Although there are many aspects of Fall Fashion that I adore, the accessorizing takes the cake as the part I look forward to the most. I feel this is the part where you can add your own personal flare to an outfit, whether it be with hats, watches, sunglasses or other jewelry. 

I recently got the opportunity to collaborate with the stylists at Spareparts and choose my favourite items that I thought would compliment my personal style and Fall fashion tastes. Below I have three different looks, and I must say, I adore how these turned out! I don't know if thats due to my fashion choices, or the man behind the lens -- Mark Tiu. I have a good feeling it may be the latter of the two. 





brittany lauren saskatoon fashion blogger spareparts
brittany lauren saskatoon fashion blogger spareparts ootd rayban
brittany lauren saskatoon fashion blogger spareparts

Who doesn't love a little denim on denim action? This girl sure does! I feel like denim is something that is especially seasonally appropriate in the fall time, which is what prompted me to put these two pieces together.

During a recent trip to Toronto this summer, I made my first visit into an Allsaints store. As much as I would like to say I behaved and saved my money, I didn't. However, I did find this fabulous denim top which happened to be... yep, you guessed it. ON SALE. Needless to say, I didn't think twice about bringing it home with me. A collared shirt isn't something I would normally choose for myself, but I find myself reaching for it quite often. 

For the accessorizing, I kept them all neutral and understated. I chose a black leather belt, a clean black hat, and a classic Daniel Wellington watch. I see these watches everywhere, but I completely understand why -- they can be worn with absolutely anything in your closet. If you're not normally a watch person but are looking for a classic piece to invest in, this is the watch I would suggest to you. 



  • Denim: Citizens of Humanity, Aritzia
  • Top: All Saints
  • Hat: Lack of Colour Australia
  • Watch: Daniel Wellington Sheffield, Spareparts
  • Boots: Jeffrey Campbell, Swank Shoe Lounge
  • Belt: Aritzia
  • Sunnies: Rayban, Spareparts






brittany lauren saskatoon fashion blogger spareparts aritzia ootd
brittany lauren saskatoon fashion blogger ootd spareparts nixon watch
brittany lauren saskatoon fashion blogger spareparts aritzia ootd
brittany lauren saskatoon fashion blogger spareparts aritzia ootd

This outfit right here has been one of my go-to's lately. You all know I love my black on black, so I'm sure this ensemble isn't a surprise! This top purchased at Urban Outfitters is actually an off the shoulder top that I tucked the sleeves into. I do like it with the sleeves too, but for this look I preferred the sleeveless alternative for something different. These culottes from Aritzia are probably my most worn pants in my closet; I absolutely adore them! They are high rise, which allows you to wear them with a lot more top options (hello, crop tops!). The flare leg opening is also something I've been really into lately. 

Because this outfit is so simple, I was able to add a few more accessories than usual. I chose my two favourite necklaces, one choker and one lariat by Lionette. For the watch, I still chose something that I believe is a classic, but a little more dressy than the last. It's a Nixon Kensington in a gunmetal shade, complete with rose gold accents. I do wear a lot of gold and silver jewelry, and the nice aspect about rose gold is that it pairs well with both. There's enough rose gold on the watch to add something different, but isn't overpowering -- which I really like!



  • Top: Urban Outfitters
  • Culottes: Aritzia
  • Choker: Aldo
  • Necklace: Lionette
  • Watch: Nixon Kensington, Spareparts
  • Sunnies: Farmfresh, Spareparts
  • Shoes: Converse






brittany lauren saskatoon fashion blogger spareparts aritzia ootd
brittany lauren saskatoon fashion blogger spareparts aritzia ootd

This outfit is definitely on the casual side, but I think it would be something that would transition very easily into the nighttime as well. These Daria pants from Aritzia are certainly a favourite of mine for that very reason; I can get away with wearing them during the day, then be good to go for the evening if I decide that going out is in the works. I paired them with a long tank which I layered underneath my sweater by Sincerely Jules. A perfect example of Fall layering.

This watch just happens to be my favourite of this entire post. Best for last, they say. I am absolutely in love with this piece by Skagen. I don't normally find myself choosing brown leather bands for watches, but I fell in love with this shade of brown. It's lighter than usual, and very season appropriate. The other part about this watch that I love is the colour of the face; a beautiful shade of periwinkle blue. I know what you're thinking... Brittany choosing something with COLOUR? I know, I shocked myself too. 



  • Denim Jacket: Levis, Aritzia
  • Leather leggings: Daria Pant, Aritzia
  • Sunnies: Rayban, Spareparts
  • Tank: Ornella Tank, Aritzia
  • Sweater: Sincerely Jules, Era Style Loft
  • Watch: Skagen Anita, Spareparts
  • Shoes: Sam Edelman Justin Bootie, Swank Shoe Lounge



This wraps up today's fall styling post featuring a few of my favourite accessories. If you're wanting to see a little more, we were actually able to put together a video where I talk even more about what I'm wearing & my favourite ways to accessorize in the Fall time. Click here to watch :)

As always, thank you so much for reading! 


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Until next post,

Brittany x